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All that has AIDS have HIV, but all the people who have HIV do not have AIDS. See Camden Treatment Associates for more details and insights. AIDS is the acronym of syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency. He is acquired because it is only possible to be had more to the being infected by somebody than it is positive HIV. Immunodeficiency means that it causes damage to the immunological system. is called to him syndrome because, in the previous years to that it was discovered and it identified HIV like the cause of AIDS, they were clear a group of symptoms and complications, including infections and cancers that appeared in people who had common factors of risk. The term AIDS was coined in 1982. HIV had not been shortage still, so the unique way to know that the people were ill, was when they were already in very advanced states.

AIDS was said that to somebody tapeworm if the patient developed to one long list of opportunistic infections and cancers that do not happen in people with normal immunological systems (in that then they were mainly black men). After HIV was shortage and a test was available, to be positive HIV was added to the AIDS definition. In 1993 the prevention and control center of diseases extended the AIDS definition to include to people with a count of cells CD4 inferior to 200. At present the term is avoided AIDS, is old-fashioned, generated fear unnecessarily and it does not mean nothing else that AIDS. In fact, the word AIDS no longer is useful. If it is positive HIV, which is had is infection by HIV or disease by HIV.

AIDS only makes reference to a state very advanced of the disease. The treatment can prevent that HIV becomes AIDS and can recover the health of the people who have AIDS. To the eyes of the organizations and the scientists, who maintain the registry of the disease, once AIDS is always had will have AIDS. But what must more concern him to the supplier of health and the patient it is what one is becoming at present.

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