Human Rights

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The overcoming of the assistencialismo/paternalism passes for the clear definition of one integrated politics of SAN (alimentary and nutricional security); for the definition of the obligations of the State and the rights of the citizens as well as also the fulfilment of its duties that promotes its emancipation, inside of the perspective of promotion of the Human Rights, and for a deep cultural revolution that effectively questions roots of paternalism in the Country, that can be found in the use of public goods and the other people’s misery for private ends, are this politicians, economic or of mere discrimination. Still on the paternalista vision, Matos (2010, P. 60), affirms that: The wealth concentration denoted an absolute impoverishment of the work force, with high taxes of illiteracy, hunger and uncontrols inflationary that it pointed with respect to the gradual deteriorizao of this economic model. The military government took the country the subalternidade, to the international capital and the exclusion of the segments compromised to the national, popular and democratic project, through a speech and practical anti-communist. However, the action of the professional of Social Service exactly with its limitations, from its rupture with the traditionalism makes possible to it to intervine exactly in the social matters of the agricultural way living inside of a paternalista and centralizadora society, therefore this space also is part of the field of work and action of Social assistant. Since, still he has as much other professionals of this area that has contributed for the continuity of incompatible actions to its project ethical-politician. However, still it is possible to visualize the conquests you would revolutionize of the social action since the reconceituao of the Social Service until its present time although as many contradictions of definition of the performance field had vary changes and conquests, thanks to that really work in defense of the rights of significant part of the society that many times are excluded from its proper rights and in some cases until the proper life. . stions.

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