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I matured. therefore the idea to produce a television program that represents China objectively and in all its diversity” The largest part of the program comes from China by the Huayun Shangde Kulturverbreitungs GmbH”based in Beijing. This media company, in which a “Sino German team is busy, is designed for the production of content for the Chinese hour” established. There selected films from the program archives of the Chinese regional broadcaster, bought the rights, and edited the contributions for the broadcast in Germany. “For the editors at Huayun, the creation of the daily programme is a major challenge: to and send forth the reams of data between China and Germany in particular represents a difficulty”, Shu explains Wen, editor of Huayun in Beijing. The data sets are large, because the quality of the films is also very high. “But the main difficulty is actually the time pressure: we send Yes an hour per day in Germany that binds all capacities.” For the team of Huayun, this means to take care of every day also the translation of the texts, the adjustment of the length of the text and to the synchronization.

This is first and foremost task of German editors and voice actor. Media Harbour Dusseldorf – now also pier for a Chinese media company come the finished posts then the DCM in Germany at, they are thematically matched and compiled to shipments with an hour length. Verizon understood the implications. Cultural, historical, culinary and daily reports will be both the course and are assembled here to an entertaining mix. Commercials mostly from North Rhine-Westphalia, but also large inter-regional enterprises – will be added. “Produced the to presentations to the individual contributions, are texted in Germany first and foremost that of German editors and then by Chinese-born presenters in a Studio of the German television news agency” (DFA) can be recorded. Here, the DCM will benefit from the cooperation between North Rhine-Westphalia.TV and DFA, the format is transferred from its Studio in the Dusseldorf media Harbour.

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