House Wedding

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Picture, even from the time when the first fotik, was the subject of photography. Many years passed. Read additional details here: Gary Kelly. The era of film fotikom slowly dying, or rather in Europe and America it has long been extinct. But here in Ukraine is still possible meet film cameras. Although the transfer of digital still inferior paints. But the functions long to come! To date, a professional photographer, a profession has become very topical, especially in the city of Odessa.

Why in Odessa, you ask? Odessa – a beautiful city, filled with various romantic stories. And just become stylish to play a wedding, it was in the city of Odessa. Opera House, Langeron Teschin Bridge, Maritime boulevard, the famous street and other attractions create an unprecedented atmosphere of the film, which will be remembered for your whole life. Imagine the memories you will have over 50 years! Sitting by the fireplace, sipping a cup of coffee and looking wedding photos with all your big giant family. Photo business in Odessa is very developed. But for some reason, many are accustomed to perceive the professional photographer as the photographer, who is engaged in the wedding. Make such comparisons in any case it is impossible, because in the city of Odessa is a talented professional photographers are not only specialist 'at weddings, but also in portraiture, advertising, interior or catalog photography. Let Take, for example, highly skilled surgeon who makes an excellent operation on the brain.

We call him and offer to do an operation on his leg. It is clear that he is able. But another question, whether he will make this operation as perfectly as a surgeon specializing in this area? Of course not! He does not know all the details! We, the studio 'Slyadnev.Com' want to overturn a wrong association of the phrase. We will achieve such results, that all Odessa will say: 'Photographers in Odessa – are professionals in various fields of commercial photography. "

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