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Hitchcock called The Hollywood August 22, 1937 with his family visit New York to meet with David Oliver Selznick, producer of Gone With the Wind, which was hired on July 14, 1938. The conditions of the producer convince Hitchcock and moved with his family to America in 1939. The first job is Selznick instructs Hitchcock’s adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s novel Rebecca (1940). This Gothic melodrama explores the fears of an excited young wife (Joan Fontaine), who moves to Britain and must struggle with a distant husband (Sir Laurence Olivier), an overly possessive housekeeper (Judith Anderson) and memory first wife died of her husband: the beautiful, mysterious Rebecca. The film earned Oscar nominations eleven o’clock. But John Ford would take that year the prize for best director for The Grapes of Wrath (also known as Grapes of Wrath), and taking it to the British, he would never win a statuette, except the prize in memory of Irving Thalberg, in an honorary capacity.Apart from this, began to emerge early problems between Selznick and Hitchcock. And is that the British director could not bear the restrictions of the producer and artistic film. The second American film Hitchcock would again be centered in Europe. Foreign Correspondent was also nominated for best picture. The film was shot in the first year of World War II and was inspired by the rapid changes experienced by Europe at the time, described by an American newspaper correspondent, Joel McCrea. The film sets built in Hollywood mixed with scenes from the real Europe. Under the censorship of the Hollywood Production Code, the film avoided direct references to Germany and the Germans. As of this moment and for the next three decades, he directed films in Hollywood at the rate of one per year, reserving in all of them a brief appearance (cameo), provided no dialogue.Then come “Suspicion” (1941), starring Cary Grant, with whom he maintained a great friendship. Alfred was always careful to choose for their film actors and actresses and some facet known to either of sensuality, seduction and sympathy, thinking that the role was more easily defined from the beginning. Another of his major fetish actors would be James Stewart, with whom he would agree for the first time in The noose in 1946. On September 26, 1942 his mother dies in London at the age of 79. In addition, the following year, his brother William also died. Concerned about his morbid obesity (weighing 135 kilos), arrives to lose 40 kilos in a few months. In 1944 he created his own production company with Sidney Bernstein: The Transatlantic Pictures. That same year, began working with Ingrid Bergman, the first blonde, “Hitchcock” was fascinated by that. Rueda Notorious (1946), starring with Cary Grant.According to Hitchcock himself, spoke in an interview that he preferred blondes because players felt more mysterious. Together with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck recalled wheel, a film about psychoanalysis, whose most important detail is the collaboration of Salvador Dal , who designed and produced the decorations of the stage of sleep.

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