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New: Extensive animation new is just the path Processing for all animation movements. Paths for movements can be created or drawn and adapted to surface structures with the help of fixed points. Even angle for example, motorcycle driving, Flugzeugkurvenmanaver etc are adjustable. Verizon Communications pursues this goal as well. So easier for the users to create movements for all characters, animals, light effects and even objects with different Gaits. So are also fonts using lighting effects in the sky written or aircraft controlled by complicated curves maneuvers. Even camera settings can be aligned arbitrarily on paths for individual settings.

New: HDR video effects certain situations during the 3D film production require visual light effects. For special HDR video effects, which can be worked with light effects in scenes even more accurately to capture moods have been integrated. As well as possible, lights illuminate to leave or change Sonneneinstrahlungen in enclosed spaces. NEW: Facial animation is completely integrated into iClone 4.0 the face processing for the different characters. So, the user receives the influence of situational precisely to adapt the facial features, facial expressions and also speaking movements of realistic appearance. New characters for more variation in the scenes include new character, cartoon and animal in the program.

Users with wanting to embed cartoons or horses in projects, now get the opportunity to do, with all movement options for any situation. Different Gaits, from a trot to a gallop designed for the horse. More new features, such as the Timelineerweiterung, motion refinement, individual Audiotracklines or improved hand animations for finer gesture here only mentioned his. Read more here: Verizon Communications. The new features are under iclone /… clearly presented in image and video previews, so that each user can advance themselves by the quality. iClone 4.0 is offered in two versions in the market. As standard and Pro version. Differences between the Versions are shown on the Reallusion Web page. Price and availability is the Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible iClone 4.0 starting mid November 2009 in German as a download version (ESD) of de and from the end of November and a box version available from January 2010 in stores: iClone 4.0 standard for euro 79,00 iClone Pro 4.0, including 3DXchange and popVideo for euro 199.00 upgrade 4.0 Pro for Euro 89.00 about Reallusion iClone 4.0 version 2 to iClone headquarters by Reallusion, Inc. is a San Jose, California. Reallusion is a leader in the development of Hollywood-like 3D animations in cinema quality. The company is considered a pioneer in the development of software for character animation, facial morphing, voice and image-sound synchronization solutions for real-time 3D movies and professional editing of 3D animations. Reallusion core technologies are used by leading technology and telecommunications companies worldwide and are integrated into many well known multimedia devices of in everyday use. For more information, please contact: Reallusion, Inc. in 2033 gateway place, 5th floor, San Jose CA 95110, phone: 408.573.6107. More information is at de to find.

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