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Have you ever thought about what you need to be alive Our body uses energy to live and needs to breathe, eat and get rid of some substances. In addition, being alive also means that we can grow and bear children. This is what we call the processes of life. The cell is alive because it is also these processes occur. Inside the cells many chemical reactions take place that allow them to grow, produce energy and eliminate waste. The cell gets energy from their food and eliminating the substances no longer required. Responds to changes occurring in the environment and can reproduce by dividing and forming daughter cells. Therefore, the cell is alive. In the cell there are several important structures: the cell membrane or plasma, the nucleus and cytoplasm. Imagine an egg, the shell could remind the cell membrane, the white and yolk to the cytoplasm to the nucleus. The cell membrane or plasma is the cover that surrounds the cell and protects it from the outside environment. This membrane lets only certain substances into the cell, such as water, oxygen, or food. The cell membrane also controls what can go outside as waste materials and some products produced by the cell. The cell membrane is like a filter! The cytoplasm takes up most of the interior of the cell, is part of the cell located between the membrane and the nucleus. The cytoplasm is a clear substance and a little sticky. It has a gelatinous appearance and is formed mainly by water and protein. Within the cytoplasm there are other structures, called organelles, that are responsible for conducting activities necessary for the functioning of the cell. The core is inside the cytoplasm and its shape is more or less rounded. The core functions as a control tower that directs and orders everything that happens inside the cell, is “your brain.” Inside there is a substance, the genetic material contains all the information necessary for cell function, as planes with instructions that are written in the characteristics and modus operandi of each cell. This information directs the activity of the cell and ensure the reproduction and the passing of their own characteristics to their offspring. The core is surrounded by a cover which separates the cytoplasm, the nuclear membrane. For within the cell to carry out all life processes there are a series of special structures such as small bodies, which called organelles. Are organelles in the cytoplasm.Each organelle is responsible for carrying out a different function such as producing, transporting or eliminate substances, or energy. Mitochondria, vacuoles, lysosomes, Golgi apparatus, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum and smooth endoplasmic reticulum are ribosomes. Ribosomes are rounded and are small factories that produce proteins.

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