Hairstyle Changing

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How to choose the best hair? Changing your image, we change the mood, feel quite differently, and sometimes even the world around is changing entirely. To add bright colors and new experiences, start with the hair, it's so simple. But that result did not disappoint, and had to quickly build or buy a hairpiece hair, let's come to the choice of hairstyles with skill. To pick up her hair, we define the shape of your face, look at the features face and hair texture. Round Face: How to lengthen the face, picking up the hair? Increase the height and volume of hair over his head. Hair on the sides should not be bulky so that the person did not seem wide. Short haircuts fit round face, cutting his hair on the sides very short or zacheshite ago.

Hairstyles length below the chin are also good. Short straight bangs finished image. Oval face: You can select any style, but the bulk must be at the nape. Oblong face: If you hair, keep in mind that hair should make your face a more visually complete. Let the bulk of hair will be laterally from the face. Ragged edge of the hair or haircut ladder, add soft lines of your face.

Make a bang. Choose hairstyles and haircuts short and medium length. Square face: Hair must hide angularity. Rounded elements of hair and curls – your choice. Easy to distract from the chemistry straight lines in the face. Choosing a hair style, pay attention to items such as ladders, ragged edge, light bangs.

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