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Too many women cutting off their hair do not think that hair cut can serve them faithfully for more than a year. Of them can make a wig poluparik on tape poluparik on the rim, removable locks, tail, chignon, removable hair, pastizh (jewelry made of natural hair). But cut the hair, many do not enjoy the haircut more than a month, and then when the hair starts to grow only have two choices – to be cut again or gain patience and grow hair. Bill O’Grady describes an additional similar source. Everyone knows full well that if after the haircut to grow hair, then within 2-3 months on the head will be some mess. And want to look good every day.

It is in this If you just come in handy and your own hair. If you have already gone irreversible loss (alopecia or less), or temporary hair loss after chemotherapy, strong antibiotics, stress, postpartum, then You will be offered in the Salon of temporary alternative to your own hair – a wig We can make a wig identical to your hair and while you to treat your hair around will not even guess about it. MORE DETAIL PHOTOS Wigs you may consider in one of our site we suggest to buy products from manufacturers, what we are. Then you'll always have the opportunity to obtain professional advice on care, advice how to wear (to strengthen), wearing the product and, if necessary, to reconstruct, or modify (change, alter) the product, make a new hairstyle, haircut, styling. If you already have a ready-made products, and they need putting in order, then appeared in our lounge service 'CARE PRODUCTS Wigs and natural hair' (washing, cutting, styling, coloring). Salon is located on the Avenue of Victory 96 Office 49, Floor 2, the first front door of the supermarket 'Reception' (50 meters from the m.Nivki), important value in a convenient location of the Salon, convenient free parking on either side of the building of your choice. In the Salon you can always bring yourself in order with our products and our masters. WARNING! Accepted by appointment only. Registration by phone 8 067 7773453 Natalia King.

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