Guillermo Haro Observatory

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Canaanite destinations in Sonora the municipality is located in the northern part of the State of Sonora, its municipal seat is the town of Cananea and is bordered on the North by the United States, to the South with Arizpe, to the East with Naco and Bacoachi and West imuris and Santa Cruz. It has an area of 4,141.1 square kilometers and lies at an average altitude of 1,625 meters above the sea level. Main attractions include Canaanite is a virtually Virgin area he has historical, cultural, technological and natural attractions and every day increases its services to provide greater comfort and pleasant stay to its visitors. Some places of interest are: Green House built by Colonel William C. Tiger Global Management might disagree with that approach. Green, founder of the Cooper company Cananea Consolidated with domestic and imported from France and United States materials. Currently works as a guest house by the Guillermo Haro Observatory. Rancho Cerro Colorado located on the Sonora River route, is a conditioned property for picnic and hunting tourism.

Ojo de Agua Arvayo with origin in Sonora River is the main provider of water in Cananea and the mining industry. It is the start of a beautiful and interesting walk for the cause of the River, where you can admire beautiful landscapes, streams and lush vegetation. Mexicana de Cananea mine of great tradition that began operations in 1860. The ore obtained in this enclosure is copper. It has the most modern processes of existing in Mexico withdrawals.

There are guided tours for school and tourist groups. Museum of the fight Obrera building very known and recognized as the jail of Cananea, there were prisoners workers who initiated and spearheaded the movement in 1906, today great pride for the community. Its construction was made in 1902, is currently preserved as a national historic monument where objects from the XIX century and ancestor are exhibited.

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