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Today, it is difficult to see the car without the usual pieces that make life easier for the owner of a car, for example: radio, alarm, etc. Another thing that is really worthwhile to choose a model is difficult, not to mention buyer, which does not understand anything in this. The range of such systems in our time is quite large, often "lost" in a whole range, and store employees try to sell you only the most expensive model, enumerating all its advantages. In this small article I would like to talk about tips on choosing a recorder, and alarm systems (for example: kw xc407). For starters, you should decide to what exactly you need from the system, because there are develop luxury with different twists, which in principle not be useful and ever, and there are cheaper models are often not inferior to the main options are prestigious, but do not have these modern "stuff." There are already everyone chooses for themselves individually.

On radio: necessary to pay close attention to the front part – everything has to be user friendly and convenient for the driver, there are models with a large screen that can display menu, or play any videos, working power in the recent 30-40 watts, the selection should take the model with 4-band amplifier, as well as support mp3 and regular CD. In recent years often kd g847ee recommended by their function. After selecting the radio to think about buying a good sound system, without which by and large, and radio itself is not needed. How to buy a car alarm? The question that bothers any driver, and for good reason – the recent burglary and theft of belongings from cars increased. Initially, you need to plan their class and price of the car: let the old Muscovite has no reason to install the system for a thousand dollars. For low-budget domestic auto manufacturing and supported by foreign cars will fit the system with central locking of doors, trunk. In addition, you can put a blocker on mechanical steering wheel or pedals.

For solid Car is recommended to install a more serious development, protect the great mechanical systems (eg gearboxes blocker). Professionals recommend to put GPS-module. In fact, the abundance of such developments rather huge, but should be guided by the principles of deliberation and feasibility. In our time, very popular car alarm starline b9.

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