Gourmet Espresso

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Coffee enjoys a growing fan base. Nowadays, however, hardly any coffee drinkers content with a conventional filter coffee. The trend is increasingly becoming a personal espresso and more quality conscious. A trend that has been detected early a young company in Berlin: The Moema Espresso Republic! Three former company founders, who lived many years in Brazil, have decided Brazilian gourmet espressos to create and distribute them in Europe. Scarce 2 years after creation, the company brings to the "Brazil Pure Passion," his second blend, the "Samba Flavor" on the market. The unique fairer than fair trade concept plays in addition to the flavor quality of the vote Edelbohnen an essential role in corporate philosophy. Thus the farmers earn in Brazil by the concept of ethical trading company is a multiple of what they would earn when doing business with traditional fair trade. The Moema Espresso Republic namely, can the noble bean not only in Brazilwho grow the same but also by the farmers and packaged toast. This maintains the value and margins in Brazil. Thus, the development of farmers and the entire region is growing strongly supported. This unique approach to trade in Europe and the love of perfection in their Geschmacksnuacen of gourmet coffee creations are the cause of the great success of this young Berlin-based company. Each espresso lovers is a visit to the site recommended. The Republic invites them to become residents this beautiful country.

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