Good Diets

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It is a fact the diets do only fatten more! Note to her around as grow the amount of food diet, diets, fad diets, healthy foods that are supposedly designed for weight loss, however there are increasingly more and more people with overweight and increasingly less healthy. Diets are more than solutions with many side effects temporary. Here are 7 reasons why you should not make diet: 1. diets don’t work.

They have 98% chance of not working, you do not notice a pattern? Losing weight after the rebound? Studies show that people who do diets are more likely to be overweight than those who eat normally and make gradual changes to their lifestyles. 2 Dieting can be dangerous. When you restrict the quantity or types of food it puts your life and your health at risk. Diets have been associated with diseases and sudden deaths due to electrolyte imbalance, poor nutrition and irregularities in the rhythm of the heart. At any time you must put weight loss above your health. 3. The diet destroys your metabolism.

Diets cause your weight go up and down. Insurance you can lose weight quickly because it is not getting enough to eat, in the early stages the first three or four kilos to lose are not fat but water, which represents a danger of dehydration and mineral deficiency, but more worrying still is vanish of the muscles due to the inadequacy of nutrients and calories, if you are losing more than 1.8 kg. per week please rest assured that this is what it happening. Now, any loss of muscle demotes their metabolism is slow and eventually you will eat more and as it has a slow metabolism, all that excess calories will be accumulated in your body as fat, causing a rapid increase in weight (this is the seesaw of diets).

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