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The goal of a successful company should be building blocks for the success of practical tips for the GmbH not only customer satisfaction and customer enthusiasm if it wants to be successful. To achieve this, all components of the company such as puzzle pieces must fit together. In their unit, the owner gives practical tips to the analysis and design of individual parts to create a harmonious whole consultancy of strictly people from Bonn. Also this year’s theme of the eight lectures a35 range minutes on the Managing Director day of GmbH–by the new accounting standards on the question of how GmbH Managing Director from liability risks to protect themselves, to innovative strategies in the regional marketing. As speakers, the magazine won a number of high-calibre experts gmbhchef again from accountants and law firms, accounting firms, financial institutions and companies. As a special highlight, football legend Gunter Netzer is an entertaining lecture on the border between sports and Keep investment.

For this the ClubLounge will provide this year North of the RheinEnergieStadions the ideal framework. The advantage in addition to its convenient location and attractive premises is Lecture Hall and exhibition spaces in the direct connection. Because in addition to the presentations participants can expect an accompanying exhibition on the companies from the region about their services and products provide many of them with a direct reference to the topics of the seminar. Plenty of time is planned during the breaks between the lectures, and from 16:30, which can use the visitors for individual conversations with the speakers or for networking with their CEO peers from other companies with snacks and a glass of Kolsch.

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