German Photographic Society

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Davydov. July 2, 1857 went 1-st edition of the newspaper 'Yenisei Provincial Gazette. " May 25, 1861 – in Krasnoyarsk Yenisei established diocese. Source: ViacomCBS. In 1861 was the first shipping company in Krasnoyarsk. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mazor Robotics. In 1888, the Yenisei walked six ships, three of them were Gadalova. November 18, 1863 started the first telegraph station.

September 1865 – opened the first photo studio, which belonged to the Prussian subjects from Hanover, an honorary member of the German Photographic Society gh Keppel. 1 July 1868 opens Krasnoyarsk provincial men's gymnasium. 1868 – Savenkov creates a chess club. 1869, August 21 in Krasnoyarsk was founded by a woman's college of the second class, then converted into Krasnojarsk provincial women's gymnasium. In 1870, the women's college was established Krasnoyarsk female progymnasium, conversion in 1878 in the gymnasium. Since 1887, he was added additional eighth grade, which gave the right to graduate from his place to hold teachers and home tutor. November 4, 1873 – opened tc. February 27, 1874 – by the decision of the merchants and burghers of Krasnoyarsk was founded Sinelnikovskoye charity.

June 18, 1874 – opened a two-classroom school of trades them. tn . 1877 – to Krasnoyarsk moved Gennady Yudin – famous philanthropist, bibliophile, the owner of a unique library. April 17-18, 1881 – a huge fire destroyed much of the city buildings. 1883 first power light house and a shop merchant Gadalova. October 28, 1883 in Krasnoyarsk formed a committee to assist needy persons. February 1, 1884 – the first issue of 'Yenisei Diocesan Gazette' November 14, 1884 – begins his education of the Company's provision for the primary education.

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