G2: The Next Generation

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Music Box contains dance-trance sounds with great pace and strength, very traditional and very commercial. It is an excellent production of the French Atomic banda Cat released under a Creative Commons license so you can download legally and for free for your enjoyment. I prefer the evenings to work out with my waist is getting smaller I am sure that with Music Box you can put a lot of rhythm to your classes and your physical fitness. Sound Music Box The disc includes the following tracks: – Come On (Club) – Happiness (Club) – Bomba (Club) – Day Has Come (club) – A Dream in jail (Trance) – Love and Pain (Trance) — Fantasy4You (Trance) – Game (Dance) – Far away (Dance) – Feel My Love (Dance) and Sun Rise (DreamTrance). G2, otherwise known as “Gatorade 2” is the next generation of Gatorade drinks. Is that has low calories, low sugar, and is an electrolyte drink. G2, announced in early 2008, it started with three flavors: Orange, Fruit Punch and Grape. The main objective of Pepsi to market this product is to offset losses from sales of carbon products.
The difference between Gatorade and G2 is that G2 is out for the match or between games, practices and workouts. Is designed with a precise combination of flavors, electrolytes and calories, which will allow the athlete stay hydrated for 24 / 7 (24 hours, 7 days) and be prepared for the powers .

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