Furama Express attacks!

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A few days ago I found in my mailbox a delivery notification, you know, when they come to hand over a package and you are not home often leave a note in order that you go look at post or quedeis and they must call another day. Well, I was not expecting any package (which already made me suspicious) and when I saw the delivery notice I thought: “Since there may be people who fall into this scam “.I do not need comment on everything fishy but I leave the piece of paper with the most curious: The boxes of day and time that I found at home are empty. The little cross is printed Absentee! ! I thought they did the messengers to boli .. . The back is completely blank when the policy is normally come from delivery of the company and other details. The website which give the right side there, and the server is to create pages www.everyoneweb.es charge, a bit stingy of Furama’s not A 905 phone number for a shipping company … And the strangest thing of all: AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY!! Please, that’s the straw that broke the camel! Well, unless you Furama Express to become clear there is only a method for people to call the phone number and leave your two euros (or more) in the call and then not get anything for nothing. Alerted you are!

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