Fuel Savings

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I am writing this article to be helpful to you and to share information about a discovery made by me for myself, a former car mechanic, motor mechanic fifth digit (although for this case has a very distant relation.) Maybe some time ago, someone of you, standing at a gas station, scratched his head and thought – Damn! Again, petrol went up! And then winter will soon! On a warm much gasoline do you want? On the morning does not start with this gasoline … For that money, “flog”? New Year’s promise to introduce European standards of fuel, it is certainly good, but everything will be even more expensive! There is still a child in school for the repair of class writing, the wife in the winter without shoes (you never know what anyone problems, but something like this) … It’s a pity that the salary is not rubber. And yet nothing to save, not save the car, without a hands-free, or rather with no legs … Ah, it would be cool to the car and less than the “ate” and go without any problems. And that money for repairs not spend. Good, but not … Maybe my words someone will please, and someone ogorchat, but in fact there is a solution! Someone with a degree of skepticism and a smile, asked: – Well, what exit? My answer: – The fuel can and should be save! – How? – You ask. Charge less? Or go on foot? Feet do not treasury! Yes and the laws of physics still has not been canceled! Want to ride properly – come across! And it would be like with a horse of a joke: – Good a horse, economical.

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