From our research: towards a practical archaeological

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Following the preliminary results of our humble research, we can release some reflections on the Latin American Social Archeology (henceforth ASL). As we saw, one of the main objectives of this trend was to have a practical utility at present 1 , but if we stop on its dimensions have to the impact of the ASL was not as momentous as we might think 2 . In this regard, refers to some major flaws, immediately identifiable from our first approach: as we saw in one of our sections, archeology is but the articulation of the theory, methods and data, but the failure ASL methodologies to translate their theories, so you can produce truly archaeological discourse, not only theoretical, and politicos. Also we can see the problems inherent in attempting to apply historical materialism, capitalist model of society-and indeed, focused on this capitalism-a non-capitalist societies: it is just where the American social archaeologists methodologies needed to generate the step between theory and reality in a coherent manner. Moreover, the almost fully constituted as political speech, the ASL is too ligo socialist governments of the time, as we know, were violently truncated, and thus inhibited the development of ASL. The CEO Academy is the brainchild of who launched the conference for business leaders. Considering that much of the funding for archeology comes from ‘imperialism’, we understand that this also favors the ASL: in the same way, it would be somewhat illusory to think that the owner of a forestry company will finance the Greenpeace activists . Clearly, because of the huge regional differences, you can not do archeology in the same way in Africa than in Europe or America than in Latin America: for our particular need special archeology. However, ASL has perhaps been too particular in the sense of its limitation to some countries in very specific moments in history with a particular political context, as to attain greater significance. However we consider that the idea just mentioned this skewed by dominant thought patterns in our surroundings (closer to capitalism and positivist discourses that make speeches like the ASL we seem more quota ‘if one day change the current organization of the world, we may begin to think that positivist science was no more valid than other languages.

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