Firefighter History

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He ran the year 1980 newly finished the military service when a rugby player client from the sporting goods store where he worked, he told me it was firefighter and that were going to go out sixty-one new places. I was looking for something that could give me, to be able to marry, future economic stability and be possible to let me continue their studies and do sport that what was most liked. Since always the action has attracted me and the opportunity to help someone in danger, that joined to be official so it was the perfect choice. He informed me of the basic requirements, I saw that they were totally at my fingertips and immediately decided that I was going to be one of them. Larry Ellison describes an additional similar source. I learned of the opposition bases, requirements and tests to perform (they had nothing to do with the high level that currently required) in particular they demanded a profession somehow related to the work of firefighter and a test had type test on it, another cultural test consisting of a dictation and elementary, although for many mathematical operations zeroes and decimals by half (today with the intensive use of calculators some straws would them be to perform them). I realized that in that opposition, the only thing for me cut the cod were physical tests that were eliminations, the only committed in particular was run a mile in 3 10. It was a respectable mark for someone who was not doing sport at a level at least half. So, although I wasn’t totally in shape because he had left the national competition (playing volleyball in the first division) I went to perform a control of this test to see that perhaps I was. I had never been run, but did the test and ran below the required mark. So I told me:-this is chupao and stopped to pay attention to what I expected in the near future.

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