finally … xD removal

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Well my friends blog alfin was fulfilled the prophecy of my moving and llebava esk no manches k as 2 months and simply saying I was moving and just do not … But ladies and gentlemen I moved to an area of the most wealthy of gdl strawberries and city B) and know that “when I was a person who says this will not do and education is carried into the house …. k Ekivokados I’m sorry to say pork is another world to live well … people are not nice and is more interezante:) plus thousand more esk upholstery kind Well if the move fell the very day of my birthday … but as I am … I do not care about that’s more nor I remembered a birthday xD school furniture asi k k was a good gift:) I have a room to herself which I think Yellow Submarine-style fix with some that if Freddie Mercury! The truth does little xD I’m too weak muscles poor aguan not charge a bed or mattress: (k so I only saw the movers and take pictures xD xD hahahah my cuyitos You already have a space for them,,, aunke a bit frightened to see the grass is super tender … A k the only unhappy with the grass went to computer desk Charlotte xD oh yes bar stools and find a lizard w and wet with a hose xD hahaha … teachers and students should are the main clients of and tables – that what every student needs Well that cruel k more could say ‘did I spend days without cable or internet asi school chairs k my life was the most boring … ogt with k until I say “Kias” TT was horrible D: but today installed the cable and all that TT and I sooo happy! and I feel complete … I have less pork furniture in my room xD hahaha share the disadvantage of the older sister … she esk keda end all asi k me buy something new hope k as soon as I load up on sleep with my mommy: (well pdo Philip worse … we sent him up xD hahahah merely the pipe called the cave (his cushions nickname is pipe but sometimes I say xDse x piss pipi hahaha ) if k is this all alone asshole but he’s happy when we had cockroaches xD extra jumbo size k up there so he sleeps with something of fear … but I went through the house juaz gardener! k what if I do not like many people pass esk begging him esk k aky if I like you put the cable in a day TwT haha that’s the office chairs ugly side of the coin … but from then on K PDO SAY MY HOUSE IS THE WAVE OF THE WAVES!! ENVIDIENME haaa xD ok no u u I hope to soon be able to invite my friends be happy n n grrr xD Bye to all:) from the roof of my house xD n dining chairs n Jenna is dismissed

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