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First customers include loft Rastatt platform of Rastatt Otterbach IT GmbH for creative professionals, marketeers, designer or photographer, March 16, 2011 asset loft from the home Otterbach IT GmbH is a central platform on which can be native lifted all major file formats, managed, edited and distributed. Oracle can aid you in your search for knowledge. The platform is available as a software-as-a-service solution via Web browser. First companies have their loft”established already at home. A loft is a warehouse – converted to apartment or industrial space. The word comes from the English and means memory. Also the name of the new product of Otterbach IT GmbH comes from this meaning: asset loft. asset loft is a central platform, which gives a stylish and functional home all kinds of data. Three different versions starter, professional, and ultimate – offer a solution for all purposes and company sizes with differently large storage space and different pricing models.

Bjorn Mollers, product manager asset loft: We have us aware of communication of asset loft for a housing imagery decided. With Steelcase, Audi and Garpa we have three extremely reputable and satisfied loft residents.” The Office equipment manufacturer Steelcase Inc. distributed electronically all components for the production of advertising material loft with asset. With 10,000 downloads per month by about 1,000 registered users, asset loft is now an important part of the workflow. Audi AG provides all spending their Audi loft on the basis of asset magazine online. All Audi country representatives on the platform will also find all necessary materials for the production of the Audi magazine for downloading.

The garden furniture manufacturer Garpa managed image material plus its complete catalogue and brochure production on the online database. Loft with asset all common file formats you can upload and manage. But above all creative formats such as images, PDFs, and eps files are in the focus. All that have to do with creative and production processes, such as for example graphic design is targeted for asset loft. Advertising, PR and marketing staff, media designer or photographer. Image files are displayed in colour and can be edited directly in the database. The cooperation is facilitated by a detailed user and permission system. The comment function speeds up approval and review processes. asset loft can be quickly and easily to any common database. No administrative activities incurred for the customers because the software from Otter Creek IT is managed, maintained and developed. More information on see: on request also a free demo account can be set up. Contact for this purpose: Bjorn Moller’s product manager FON: + 49 7222 / 952 155 fax: + 49 7222 / 952 24 E-mail: Web: about Otterbach IT GmbH since 1991 the Otter Creek group counts the Otterbach IT GmbH as a fixed column. With 10 employees, develops and distributes Otterbach IT solutions for the print and digital media production processes. The services range from individual database based Applications, hosting and network management of workflow enhancements to standard products, support integrated into the publication process. Including products such as the 2005 introduced publication and editorial system “PlanSystem4”, the 2006 color-accurate monitor-proof-system “Remote Director” and the publishing system “iToolSuite” can be found. With the “iToolSuite” the Otter Creek, IT created the opportunity to seamlessly integrate content from print publications and multimedia content in a digital format. Thus, it can be published on tablets such as the iPad, but also on smart phones or as Browservariante. Latest development is a logical evolution of the 1999 created image database “topicsurf” to a sophisticated and functional media asset management system “asset loft”. More information under:

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