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Mario Goldstein reached with his ‘journey of peace’ North India and presented the Tibetan head of a ‘ peace book ‘ with embassies round 13 weeks it is now, that the adventurer Mario Goldstein of Oelsnitz in Saxony Vogtland out broke up one of the most extraordinary adventure of the year. A trip to a former vehicle of the Federal Police, a water cannon 9000, through a total of six countries up to Dharamsala in northern India to the residence of the exiled head of the Tibetans, the Dalai Lama. Now, the Globetrotters and world travelers has reached its destination. Last Friday, the 7th of October, Mario Goldstein met the Dalai Lama to a nearly two-hour audience in his monastery. It was a cordial meeting with the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, Mario Goldstein was allowed to present a peace book, which was earlier signed by children and young people from the entire Federal Republic with wishes, pictures and drawings. Young people, the the Dalai Lama in this way want to communicate their messages. And a message She had also the Dalai Lama for the adventurer from the Vogtland. If you make a such long journey in a large vehicle, to meet me here, this just shows what kind of things in this world are possible”. “Addressed to the ongoing conflicts and the global religious conflict was the Tibetan leader optimistic: I am convinced that we have the ability to resolve everything peacefully in this Millennium.” With these words, the Buddhist leader dismissed the adventurer on his probably almost three-month return journey that will lead him through Pakistan and the Iran via Greece and Turkey back into the Federal Republic of Germany. Arriving at Mario Goldstein will have not only lots of memories in his luggage, but also numerous movies and pictures, with whom he will report next year in nationwide multivision presentations of this extraordinary and unique journey.

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