Features of Windows Vista

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Some of the improvements are widely advertised:
Windows Aero: The new graphical interface included in Windows Vista that replaces the graphical interface used in Windows XP Luna. It offers a graphical interface more pleasant and relaxing view of the user. Incorporates features such as semi-transparent windows, which lets you see what is behind them. Another innovation is the improvement in the navigation window that provides due to new features such as Flip 3D, in addition to the effect of slow motion.
Internet Explorer 7 is included with Windows Vista (you can also download a version for Windows XP SP2) which incorporates various enhancements such as tabbed browsing and the Quick Tabs view that shows thumbnails of open pages. It also includes some security enhancements such as antiphishing warnings and protected mode (in Vista) that prevents websites to run code without user permission. Internet Explorer 7 already has a successor, called the Internet Explorer 8, which is now in Beta 2.
Windows Sidebar (Windows Sidebar) is a new tool which is located on the right side of the screen and in which there are small programs or Gadgets which allow access to small tools without opening a window. Some show the time, weather or you can search information on Google or Wikipedia, to name a few. Gadgets Vista includes some pre-installed, but you can also download from the Internet, which are not provided only by Microsoft but also by other companies or individuals.
Windows Media Player 11: This new version means a major change compared to past versions, it brings a new interface and new organization of the library.
Windows Vista is the first Microsoft operating system designed to ensure full compatibility with EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) technology to replace the outdated BIOS that for more than two decades have formed an indissoluble part of personal computers, so therefore not use MBR (Master Boot Record), but GPT (GUID Partition Table)
Windows drawn with vector graphics using XAML and DirectX. To do so would provide a new API called Windows Presentation Foundation, which is code name Avalon, which requires a graphics card with 3D acceleration DirectX compatible.
WinFX, an API designed to replace the current call Win32 API. This, along with Avalon and Indigo are the pillars of Windows Vista.
Native ability to burn DVDs.
A command line interface called Windows PowerShell, is finally offered as a separate download for Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2.
It announced a new extension of the database file system called WinFS. The development of such a file system has been abandoned by Microsoft, so it will not be included in Windows Vista for the time being offset by a real estate search based on indexing.
The system integrates directly with a newsreader RSS (Really Simple Syndication, for its initials in English).
The System Restore utility has been updated and deployed as a logon, thereby facilitating the “rescue” of the system.
A unified communications system called Windows Communication Foundation, whose code name is Indigo.
A system called Windows Defender antispyware.
Andalusia firewall system adds the ability to block connections that leave the system without prior authorization.
Windows Mail is an email client, replacing Outlook Express.
It includes Windows ReadyBoost is a disk caching technology first included in the Windows Vista operating system. Its goal is to make more speed on those computers that run with the system operational by pendrives, SD Card, CompactFlash or similar.
The tool has been incorporated BitLocker Drive Encryption to protect data lost in the Enterprise and Ultimate versions.
User Account Control(User Account Control): unlike previous versions of Windows the new Windows Vista users do not have administrator rights by default. To perform administrative tasks a confirmation window appears.
Includes a “Sync Center for Windows Vista synchronization with Pocket PC without installing the” Active Sync “.
Windows DreamScene, the only version in Windows Vista Ultimate, is a dynamic wallpaper based on a video. Is downloaded by the Update of the OS.
Incorporates a protection system called Windows Software Protection Platform (WSPP) is more potent than the current Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). When it detects that the copy is illegal, the first thing will be to alert the user if the user fails to obtain a certified copy the program began to go off system options, such as Aero or Windows Defender to leave only the most active basics such as the browser .
Inclusion in several editions of the center of multimedia (Media Center) which can be used by remote-control console for the Xbox 360 video game and graphic interfaces which are created through the language of MCML format.

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