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In 2010, banks abruptly began cutting rates on deposits after the refinancing rate, which fell to a record low. Now the banks offer us the contributions of up to 11% in rubles and up to 6% in dollars and euros. And this is not the limit: because of the high liquidity, reducing the refinancing rate (the rate at which the central bank provides loans to commercial banks), banks become profitable to take money from the population at high rates when they can take the credit a lower percentage of cb. In connection with this condition in the banks for the newly opened deposits are becoming tougher. In particular, where the percentage is still relatively high, not provided for the completion of the contribution, the monthly capitalization.

Nothing remained of contributions to the removal of the deposit amount before the expiry of the payment without loss of interest (only at the rate of demand, which is less than 1%). All this makes the Depository deposits less attractive and profitable. What can we do for those who want to open a new contribution or those who are due payment of the deposit and must be determined from the released amount? Invest in something else? How about those who do not want to take risks and wants to receive a guaranteed percentage of the bank? Open a new contribution to a low interest rate, which is lower than inflation? But then you did not earn and lose money. Train with high deposit rates did not catch up, and when will next is unknown, probably when the next crisis was coming.

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