Ethernet Jack

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Also regular audio material distributed this procedure in convincing quality on the speakers. For optimum adaptation to the application, you can between the operating modes “music”, “Film” and “Game” choose. Tuner features a receiver picks up radio. If this property is important, you should consider more closely the radio properties. A good radio offers an automatic tuning and preset. An RDS (radio data system) allows the station name will appear on the display.

The PTY (program type)-function displays the program type, about (music, children, sports, documentary, etc.). Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines. Can reading additional information such as song and artist must have the receiver function a RT (radio text). Connections with the existing connections is on way to take care of number and quality. Your home theater is installed around the receiver around, that’s why he needs to be able to manage all existing but may in the future-generating devices. So, it can’t hurt if the receiver has more connections than actually needed at the time of purchase. The future is Digital, that’s why are HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) devices especially future-proof.

It is a fully digital interface for audio and video signals, which can transmit data at very high bandwidth without compression and quality loss. Also, the cabling is easy, since only one cable is needed for all signals. The video connections connections for the lossless transmission of video signals are S-video or YUV. SCART (Euro-AV) provide a simple and high-quality connection ports. All FBAS signals can be transferred to YUV as well as sound quality. The prerequisite for this is but a SCART cable with full pinout (contacts). Because almost all devices of a home cinema via a SCART interface to connect the receiver, you can have actually not enough of them.

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