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Fototipo 0: He is the one that meets like people salt lakes. Its hair is white, as well as its skin. They have absencia of freckles, are not bronzed but they develop an erythema from the first exhibition that can last until a month. They are the population with more risk before the solar exhibitions. Fototipo 1: The color of the skin is not so white like the salt lakes but whom a milky aspect has. The color of the hair is red-haired. Its skin owns many freckles and they are not bronzed either, reason why the erythema before the first solar exhibition will be remarkable and constant, although not as much as the salt lakes.

Fototipo 2: They are people with clear skin and red-haired hair with tendency to blonde. They have freckles but they are not as abundant as those of the red-haired ones. They are bronzed slightly and the erythema after the first exhibition is contante. After weeks of the first exhibition still they can have the erythema. Fototipo 3: They are people of clear skin of blond hair with tendency to chestnut tree. They have few freckles and they have bronzing very clearly. The appearance of erythema after one first exhibition is frequent, although it will not stay in the time (exceptions exist).

Fototipo 4: The color of the skin is mate and the one of the hair is brown dark. Usually they do not have freckles and bronzed his he is dark. The erythema appearance is rarer in this type of skin, reason why in the majority of the cases usually it does not appear. If it appears, his permanence in the time it will have exceptional character. Fototipo 5: He is fototipo the characteristic Mediterranean. The color of the skin is brown or brown and the color of the hair, like the 4, is brown dark.

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