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These forums were, to a large extent, panels of messages in line, that could see solely the registered members, unlike the auctions in line organized by ShadowCrew. The networks of IRC investigated by Symantec allowed the access of any person who knew her existence and the direction of one or more of her servants. Although these panels of messages they cannot see them the members nonregistered, the verification that do of the new registries does not go beyond verifying the validity of the direction of electronic mail that is used to register the account. In this way, it is possible to register itself with an anonymous direction of electronic mail to be able to explore all the panels of messages. Without doubt, other more hermetic groups in the black market in Internet exist that put great care in hiding itself of the law. Which are the products that are in the black market, on the matter are indicated: Products that phishers and swindlers interchange among them.

Next she appears one lists partial of considered elements of value: numbers of credit cards: generally the numbers CVV2 are needed also (numbers of 3 or 4 digits that appear in the later part of a card) so that these have some value. administrative access or to the root of the servants: the swindlers frequently use pirateados servants to whom they can accede at will to lodge Web sites of phishing, commonly denominated by the participants of these rooms of conversation and forums like " roots" (roots). lists of directions of electronic mail: they are used for the shipment of advertising Spam or to look for victims of swindles of phishing. banking accounts in line? accounts of services of payment in line, like e-gold. E-gold is a service very used by the swindlers, because bottoms of instantaneous way can be sent and, generally, are difficult to locate.

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