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Are energy-saving bulbs is as good as they say? What benefits they provide when you use? – Traditional incandescent bulbs, of course, cheaper compact fluorescent (CFL), and accustomed to the eye. According to Facebook, who has experience with these questions. At this pluses lamps with tungsten filament ends and begins Cons: large power consumption, fragility, high heat and so on. Compact fluorescent lamps are free of these shortcomings, and serve as a cfl a few times longer: now do not need to change a light bulb every 6-7 months – you do it in 5-6 years. Energy-saving lamps at work virtually no heat, they can work in continuous operation in locations where a lighting of (corridors of production facilities, emergency, emergency lighting, etc.). These lamps are good for houses, offices, trading floors, because they provide a pleasant glow different colors, including the familiar yellow light. CFLs are not cheap, but their benefits when used with success cover the costs for the purchase. Absolutely safe for the eyes, they are firmly conquered the markets of all developed countries, whose residents have long and successfully save energy. If you’ve bought a 100 watt light bulb, but now it will replace 20-watt cfl. This means that if you use compact fluorescent lamps for electricity you’ll be paying 5 times less. Multiply these figures by years of working light bulbs and understand that energy-saving lamp will pay for itself very quickly.

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