Economia de Canarias

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The economy of the Canary Islands at the moment is based on the tertiary sector (74.6 ), mainly tourism, which led to the development of the construction. Origin of Class: Spanish (30 ), German, British, Swedes, Russians, French, Swiss, Dutch and other European nationalities.
The industry is small and represents around 7-8 of GDP, primarily in food processing sectors of snuff and refined petroleum products (oil refinery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife).
Regarding the primary sector is only 10 of cultivated area is rainfed most (banana, grapes and potatoes), irrigation and a minority (mainly bananas and tomatoes). Agriculture is oriented to the export trade with the Spanish and the European Union. It has also initiated the export of tropical fruits (avocados, pineapples, mangoes and other crops under glass) and flowers. Livestock, mainly goats and cattle is low, having suffered a major setback in recent decades.
With an important fishing traditions, especially the use of canary-Saharan fishing following the occupation of Western Sahara from Morocco, the sector has experienced a continuous decline, which has also affected the industries of canning and salting of fish have disappeared . In 80 years, the port of Arrecife get to become the world’s first catch in Sardinal.

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