Dreams Can Become Reality

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Beautiful country house fabrics and home textiles made with devotion to detail. Home fabrics, residential facilities, and decorating with fabrics reflect the soul of a House and give its owner the opportunity to make the ambience of the rooms individually and according to his private ideas. Country house aesthetic, materials, Lambrequins, curtains, and home textiles are absolutely essential for people, which are important to create a comfortable and tasteful oasis of well-being from their home. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Atelier Abassi is refreshingly different and promises a wonderful source of inspiration for incomparable dreams at the same time. Here you find the ideal fabrics and curtains for home designs in the French country style, for the Shabby chic style and not to be neglected for the vintage style. The Studio Abassi is specialized in high-quality, woven by cottage and Shabby Chic, unique living textiles and unusual decoration products, for an appealing atmosphere in all Care premises. The mix of classic chic, playful country house romance, French refinement and Scandinavian design distinguishes the selection of Studio Abassi. Here you will find sophisticated products, which nevertheless are affordable for all budgets.

The product diversity of Atelier Abassi is thoroughly unique and seduced to the schools. The company offers a vast selection of gorgeous decoration fabric in a country house style Atelier Abassi. At Atelier Abassi find first-class Shabby Chic fabrics in subtle coloring, wonderful toile de Jouy fabrics in excellent quality, fine lines as well as a varied selection of Plaid fabrics and striped fabrics. Residential objects arouse the desire to create a welcoming and comfortable experience at home like original lamp shades and beautiful bedspreads in a French country house style. Explore sophisticated processed Shabby Chic Lambrequins with loving details, gorgeous curtains in vintage style with fine lace or enjoy phenomenal charming Seduce eyelet and curtains in the country house style. You will find also glamorous, self produced single handled with much attention to detail, as E.g.

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