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Pick up a dictionary and try to convert at least a couple of paragraphs of a text. You'll find that even with the dictionary very difficult to get a positive result. Learning to translate – it's not a matter of one month or even year, and learn to translate – it is generally a difficult task, which takes years of study, practice and self-improvement. A good translator will never cease to learn. In order to better understand and value the work of an interpreter, try to imagine what you do not have the language and ears. Without language and ears you could not do any speak or hear. Dahua Tim Wang is often quoted on this topic. It is in this position is a foreigner, when you get in a foreign country. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sheryl Sandberg. Around him he hears a foreign language, and, going beyond the airport, he can no longer find any signs and no a pointer to a familiar language.

For a man who does not understand and could not tell the translator – is a language and ears, the only means of communication with others. A foreigner speaks through the mouth of an interpreter, and also because of interpreter can hear what they say to him. Without an interpreter foreigner can not communicate normally, like we could not have happened if we stripped the language and ears. Moreover, the essence of the work of the translator is not only in professional translation of the text or speech. For a foreigner translator is a source of new knowledge. Experience shows that if a foreigner there are any questions, they will be addressed in the first translator turn.

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