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What Is Essiac-T It is an ancient formula of herbal extracts for many years has shown health benefits of thousands of people who have used and continue using it improves the health of people with chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes and other problems resulting deficiency of the immune system known tea has been used for over 70 years and the original formula was developed by an Indian doctor Ojibwa in northern Ontario, Canada as a tea to detoxify the body since according to Ojibwa diseases were caused by impurities from the body. Combination of purifying plant extracts. Helps to identify, collect and remove toxins from the body. Big help in cancer control, Adiabetes, arthritis, allergies, infections, circulatory yAproblemas. Helps to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Helps reduce pain, inflammation and joint rigidezAde. . View former Essiac-T How Does Essaic-T in our body Essiac-T acts to detoxify the body tissues, liver, intestines, oxygenating the blood, and nourishing and strengthening the immune system. Essiac-T (30 fl.oz.) Some of its ingredients Sorrel: Herb rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and chlorophyll, which are powerful antioxidants. Helps increase blood oxygenation, tissue and purify effective against cancer development. Cat’s Claw: Traditionally used in Peru for the skin and intestines. Supports the immune system to fight tumors, AIDS, etc.. and reduces joint pain. Burdock Root: Blood purifier that also has “considerable antitumor activity” by reducing cell mutation. The result lowers the level of glucose in the blood because it contains inulin. Gives good resultadosen the tratamientode diabetes. American Elm: It is a purifier which dissolves the mucus in tissue, lymph glands and nerve channels. Effective in stimulating cell regeneration and healing. Rhubarb Root: Used since 220 BC in China to detoxify the liver and intestines, improving digestion and appetite.

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