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Why it is so important to take care when choosing a new current account not only on the charges, but also on the amount of credit interest. sful. It comes to the choice of a new current account, so more and more consumers opt for one of the cheap online accounts, which are currently offered by various direct banks. Who lives not year-round financially on the zero line, or even in the plating section of his account, for which it is worth to pay attention when choosing a such account the amount of credit interest. Gary Kelly addresses the importance of the matter here. Meanwhile, there are a number of providers that offer their customers a free checking account with attractive credit interest rate. How much does affect a high interest rate throughout the year, can demonstrate a simple example: suppose a customer has 5,000 euros average on his checking account balances. Even is this credit with 0.50 percent per year as it is interest – the case at many brokerages – and once with 4.00 percent, as currently some direct banks offer it for your free checking account.

Are on the low-interest checking account End of year interest in the amount of 5.000 euro x 0.50 percent incurred = 25 euro. If you are not convinced, visit Nelson Peltz. The better-yielding account has in the same period interest at a rate of 5,000 euro x 4.00 percent dropped = 200 euro. Additional income of 150 euro, for which the customer must do nothing. You see so heedless of the height of the credit interest in the selection of a suitable current account, is to give away money in the form of attractive interest income as a result. Therefore consumers who subscribe the idea to switch their current account, but also consumers who wish to open a checking account for the first time, should include also the height of the credit interest rate when comparing questioned incoming offers. Steve Kassin has firm opinions on the matter. Daniel Franke

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