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simple alerts the opportunity to register comprises three fields of loss and gain: status, reason and competition. The State is the general stage of opportunity (active, waiting, closed gains, closed losses). The status of the opportunity with the stage of sale should not be confused. The reasons are the main selection of loss and gain. The field becomes mandatory if the status changes to closed or closed lost profits.

The competition is a simple list of known competitors. This is an optional field. 2. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. Alerts with a survey of trace 1. Profit & loss data are recorded in a CRM system (as described in the analysis of alerts Simpes.) 2.

Gains and losses are extracted for its implementation in follow-up surveys. Surveys can be targeted at internal sources example managers creating new customers, customer relationship managers and account executives. Or surveys may be targeted at customers responsible for the decisions, contacts keys, etc. 3. Surveys carried out by email or through an interview format. 4. The results of the study are collected and analyzed. The reasons that you choose your organization must reflect the business priorities and the characteristics of the client. If customer satisfaction is measured through survey, a follow-up to the results of this throw, so that future, and current satisfaction indices to compare should be. Report on the phase 1 indicators of loyalty of the transaction a example of what lines of trend and indicators should be included for the presentation of reports on a monthly basis and quarterly are: rate of business wins and generated total sales. The 20 most significant gains, the 20 most significant losses with the analysis of the income generated. Statistics of the reasons by which earn the business. Statistics of the reasons why businesses are lost. Large 10 competitors and loss of income for each competitor. Performing a estimated transactions of customers, follow-up is possible to calculate your percentage of participation in total spending. In the second phase we will see the development of customer loyalty indicators, determining the creation of opportunities and value indices.

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