Constitution Knowledge

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Despite all this, the degree of scope of all knowledge is vast and not at the same time, this sounds like a great contradiction, however is a cruel reality, all the inhabitants of the planet live daily with the effects of human knowledge, with the difference that a few possess them and beneficiaries are seen by the fruits thereof, and the billions remaining suffer every day the ravages caused by technological advances pollution, climate changes-, product of the accumulation of knowledge and information collected until today. Although it is worrying, unfair and nothing ethical wealth falling in few hands, while millions of souls survive in subhuman conditions daily, is even more worrying that despite the provisions of various letters Magnas, education does not reach the entire population, and is even more, which the fraction that has possibilities of reaching it or access does not assimilate it nor use to improve living conditions or that simply by its comfortable position relative to the mean of the population you don’t see a utility and sees nothing but how a simple series of data.

It is quite clear that the information is very useful, but if the same not be assimilated what amounts to say that you don’t understand – it is as mere numbers, averages, trends, data is generally it is useless, useless in the sense that man does not develop it as you would be expected to have some degree of knowledge, but to acquire knowledge man must pass through a systematic and progressive training which together is called education. Through education, man develops many skills that are useful throughout his life and in his interact with peers, i.e. with society in general. These powers include being able to communicate effectively both orally and written, knowing the way that governed his State through various regulations and laws compiled in its Constitution, which in turn is the basis of the same, and make judgments based on the information that is.

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