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In accordance with the research, when asked to the managers if with the terceirizao the company activity obtained to dedicate itself to it end, 75% of the interviewed ones agree that to terceirizao the company obtains to focar in its main objectives and to dedicate activity to it end. Read more here: Ripple. Figure 6: Terceirizados and Atividade end. The process of terceirizao in an organization must take in account diverse factors of interest, such as the reduction of costs and mainly the focus in its activity-end (WIKIPDIA, 2010). One of the main advantages of the terceirizao in the area of human resources is that the contractor of the man power obtains to focar its efforts in the activity end of the company, leaving in charge of contracted the all the responsibilities that involve the rendering of services, as election, admission, training and accompaniments – essential actions for the act of contract of able and competent professionals. 4 CONCLUSION the company searched called in this study as Y, is far from if disclosing prepared for the management of the terceirizados professionals. One analyzes joint of the results gotten with the research, to the cooperation, confidence and the lack of sharing of learning it means in the distance between the effective and terceirizados employees. This makes with that the company pass to have two types of professionals the same – employed and terceirizados – coexisting in surrounding and some occasions very different rules, for example, the differentiation in the use of physical spaces, as the prohibition of use of the same restaurant and bathroom, or still, the circulation of information only for employees, among others. This type of differentiated treatment, and many times discriminatory, can cause insatisfao and desmotivao of the terceirizado professional. The companies must have conscience who are the people who produce and make to the difference in the competitiveness and offered product quality and services, are terceirizadas they or not.

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