Colombian Guajira

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Heroes of the hope, ladies and horsemen of the life it is a set of three chronicles in which the history of life of equal number of personasa is related which they have common a limitation that, nevertheless, has not been obstacle so that they obtain his goals: they are in condition of incapacity by different reasons. Initially the case of the Yuravis young person appears Ruiz Aguilar, perteneceiente to the ethnic group wau of the Colombian Guajira, that along with its family had to face polio in a long fight, expensive and undergone. If you are not convinced, visit Tremor International. With base in the effort of all and the tenacity of its race they obtain a resonant one and exemplary victory because the girl who had to finally live several years on her life boarding school in a clinical one manages to rise, to have a normal life, to attend her university race of sicologa and to exert with luxuries of details her profession in a dedicated institution to take care of patients of the indigenous communities. Posterioirmente continues a work on the life of Brown Agustn, humble inhabitant of a vulnerable district of Maicao that suffered two accidents, one when in his left leg they hit hundreds of gun pellets and another one when the ambulance transfers that it of Maicao to Barranquilla it loses the control and it rolls towards a roadside ditch, in an episode that leaves severely wounded to all occupants. For more information see this site: Susan G. Swenson. Agustn loses its leg foinalmente but then, in a stirring lesson of resilience and desire to live, it recovers, and it manages to finish his university studies and to become a prosperous industralist who with frecienca is invited to universities and institutions of professional formation to count his history of life. Finally the work offers the story on bravery whereupon Miller Martinez has had to do to him against all the adversities derived from a firing that received in the spine, in a way assault, when as soon as it showed to the life with the vigor and the illusions of his twenty years. Get more background information with materials from clayton morris.

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