College Santana

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Its father inherited the richness and diverse farms, where Tarsila and its seven brothers had passed infancy. Since child, he made use of French imported products and was educated in agreement the taste of the time. Its first master, the Mlle Belgian. Marie van Varemberg d? Egmont, that had twenty years and liveed in the farm, taught to read it to it, to write, to embroider and to say Frenchman. The father of contracted to Tarsila to give it to lessons its children, thus was the custom of the rich people of this time.

The first letters that Tarsila read vagarosamente were B, G, P, that was on of the great gate of the house. They were the initials of the name of the founder of the farm. It was difficult to study in a full place of trees, animals to play and stream to dive. When the teacher called it ran away for the weeds the search maracuj. One day caught the paper and pencil of color and drew a basket of flowers and ones bichinhos that it saw every day: an encircled hen of well yellow pintinhos. This was its first drawing. Its mother passed hours to the piano and counting histories of the romances that read the children.

Its father recited verses in Frenchman, removed of the numerous volumes of its library. To the twelve years he was to study in the city of So Paulo in the College Santana and was most studious of the classroom. Also he studied in the college of nuns called Sion. The studies were very important for the rich families of So Paulo therefore were common the parents to take its children to study in the Europe. In 1902, Tarsila and its Ceclia sister, its Juca and D. Lydia had together with been for Barcelona, in Spain to study. In the school of Barcelona it made its first experience in painting.

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