CeBIT 2011: Award For Wordbee

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Wordbee, the specialist for computer aided translation based in Luxembourg, was awarded the “European seal of e-excellence’ in gold in the category of language technology Luxembourg, March 21, 2011. One and a half years after the introduction of the translation platform Wordbee translator Wordbee on CeBIT has exactly seal 2011 in the field of language technology with the European of e-excellence”award in gold:. The renowned European Multimedia Forum this award since 2003 every year awards for the most innovative products and services in the field of new digital technologies. We are very proud of this award! It proves that on the SaS principle (“software as a service”)-based collaborative platforms in the field of translation and multilingual communication now occupy a permanent place “, underlines Wordbee CEO Jose Vega. The success of the online workspace by Wordbee is based first and foremost on the successful combination of a project management tool with a translation Editor, whose Features tailored to the needs of the end user and which convinces with its particularly user-friendly user interface.

Companies, translation agencies and authorities can improve the document flow and information exchange around translation projects in this way and will benefit from a direct return on investment “, continue to Jose Vega. The Ministry of economy and foreign trade of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the oldest customers of Wordbee. Francois Till, in the Ministry responsible for CASES, the portal of the Luxembourg State for the security of information technologies, is convinced by Wordbee: with the help of Wordbee translator we can keep up-to-date on the latest our multilingual website. Without Wordbee would be such a challenge not to master. We decided immediately for this translation tool, since it requires no installation on the spot and offers a highly intuitive and efficient user interface.

The central access to all information, as well as the automatic reuse of existing translations, which were made for previous projects, meant a significant time savings for us “learn more about Wordbee see. Wordbee developed an online collaboration platform with Wordbee translator for project management and computer-aided translation. In addition Wordbee supports companies and public institutions with consulting and support services in the integration of the multilingual dimension in their projects. Meanwhile, customers from more than 15 countries worldwide rely on solutions Wordbee.

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