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NOTE: Throughout the article, all prices are quoted without including indirect taxes, which may be VAT from 16 in Spain, 0 VAT exemption for telecommunications in the Canary Islands, IPSI 3 in Ceuta and 4 in Melilla.
In line with its intended presentation simple, his departure offered a flat fee for all its customers, prepaid or postpago without slots, 0.12 “of the call and 0 cents per minute for calls to customers Yoigo ( day from March 1, 2008 limited to a maximum of one hour per day to the amount of calls from customers Yoigo) and 0.12 ‘/ minute to other domestic destinations. In turn, requires a minimum monthly consumption of 6 per line. SMS messages to any destination, national Ernst or international, have a cost of 10 cents.
In late October 2007, the operator announced its decision to stop charging the price per minute for calls between the majority of its customers who were previously charged at the same price as other numbers, keeping the tone and the rest fares. This is a new pricing scheme in the Spanish market, although other operators had launched similar temporary promotions, Yoigo has been the first operator to offer this rate, announced as a permanent (expression “forever” appeared in several advertisements and press releases) and without limitations. However, this measure was “revised” (in the words of the press department of Yoigo) in January 2008, when the operator reported that, since March 2008, limited free calls between its asset Management customers a maximum of 60 minutes per day, regardless of the number of calls made. If you exceed this limit will be billed as a normal call, ie 12cent/min. This change has caused a dramatic dispute between their clients and a number of complaints by consumers’ associations (see relevant paragraph).
In October 2008 appeared a new tariff called “8”, consisting of calls and messages to 8 cents per minute / message, for a fee call set of 15 cents and the suppression of free calls between Yoigo . The above tariff is available and is now called the “0”.
The disposal of Yoigo in December 2006, when calls between Yoigo customers are charged the same price as other operators, the rates were described by the Consumers Association FACUA as “significantly cheaper” than those of other operators While this sense “gaps” as the absence of discount plans for frequent numbers.

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