Cala Fornells

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This pedestrian area offers not only many tourism shops and German speciality shops (as E.g. 40 cm long Curry sausages in a bun as long); but the German tourist can be sure of an important point: one speaks german in Peguera. CAUTION SEA URCHIN! On the beach, a long bridge that consists of large Ashlar exists of Peguera. In the cracks and gaps of this bridge, sea urchin accumulate like. These small black bales may look at first glance quite interesting. Should you touch them but, the interesting thing will be over very quickly. Sea urchins have some of their barbed threat immediately the attacker against. Because the spikes are very brittle, usually not possible is this sting with a pair of tweezers.

4 stage: Peguera after port de follow. If you like it then something uberschaulicher, should go to Cala Fornells. This rather dreamy beach town is just a few minutes from Peguera Centre. From Peguera, the PM 1 is Ma 1 from the highway. This not means a slower progress as the PM of 1 is very well built. After Cala Fornells, Camp de Mar is considered an insider tip. This place is mostly left left by many tourists on their way to later places.

Camp de Mar, you have the PM 1 within a few minutes of car in Andratx. Andratx has quite many major tourist attractions. The map may brings to mind more with their Square Street orders a chess board. The Centre holds a church and a larger space on which to different days of the week, a watchable market takes place. In addition, not too much time in this town, you should spend and faster continue in the coastal town of port Andratx. “Port de Andratx is the stars and starlets” hit rate very high, participate in the Bahia de Andratx many of the rich and beautiful “purchased your Mallorca home.

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