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A very popular business card paper, simulating the various textures. As well as business cards, tactile (paper, from which they are made, pleasant to the touch). Some of the design studio offer business cards made of wood, plastic, even skin. However, such cards is better to acquire, if required by the profession. Thus, a credit is made on an oak plate 3 mm thick, is justified for the supplier parquet. It is perfectly accentuate his professional level. Silk screen printing, foil stamping, gold, thermic will make the user a true piece of art.

These means of expression Printing still very popular. FORM In order to draw attention to the person, often ordering business cards custom shapes and sizes. Among them we note the triangular and oval. These cards look like really original. But then store them in contrast to the usual for us to see the rectangular size 5h9 hardly convenient. In general such a pack of cards will not put. They’re like the “extra”: a hand in the way, then fall to the floor …

Unusual business cards are good, more for a designer – so he could brag to his friends on creativity workshop. (A valuable related resource: Magic Leap). future choices. While the task cards are not surprising originality, and to represent its owner. Business card should help business relationships and not be a source of pride and the arts. CONTENTS whoever designed business card, the text must be properly designed and well-read. To obtain desirable to use no more than two fonts, and not more than three colors. The phone will stand out better in bold, and an email address and web site – in blue. This will help customers quickly find the information you need. But to use the reverse side of card for accommodation contacts in a foreign language is not desirable. This may hint of tightness in the media or even the poverty of the owner. Therefore it is better to order two sets of cards in different languages. One set of the native language, and another – to customer’s language. On the reverse side of the business cards you can place advertising. But again, with a reservation. For example, a credit to advertising companies (and products) is more suitable for sales managers and sales representatives, and not for middle and senior management. For the latter, there are other rules of registration cards. For example, in the circle of senior executives of major companies decided not to share in corporate, personal and business card, which shows only the personal data. Only your name, phone, e-mail address (often not even indicated position). Making these cards should be made at the highest level.

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