Bremen Institute

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The Neuenkirchen born in 1948 in Lower Saxony artist Volker Khn studied from 1968 to 1972 at the Design Academy in Bremen. His focus was in the field of plastic. There he learned the skills of Prof. Schreiter, which one sees his current works of art “Art in Boxes”. Equipped with the artistic craftsmanship of sculptural design, he plays with figurative and pictorial elements in order to demonstrate to the viewer the absurdity of everyday life and the friends from a different angle. In 1972 he was able to follow in his own studio and he put his inspirations 1973 at his kinetic light objects to the public. In consequence of the fact he was one years later, the Prize of the Bremen Senate. From 1975 he turned more and more of the drawing and graphics, which ultimately made him famous will. In 1976 he was awarded in the “Public Art” the first prize of the Bremen Institute for Nautical and placed at home and abroad since his graphics, drawings and miniatures, the firstwith great success from. In 1985 he designed the facade with other Wertheim am Kurfrstendamm wittmete and then since 1986 after an exhibition tour of Japan of its object art. Already in 1994 appeared in the edition Schnake his first work of overview and his first monograph, “the objects” was printed shortly thereafter. Since that time, he exhibited his work in numerous galleries throughout the world and his art seem to have no limits. Another well-known object artist is Rosalie, who was very familiar with your Flossis.

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