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In contraposition, the call exists informal market of work, where rules prevail of functioning with a minimum of governmental interference (CHAHAD, 1998, P. 403). In accordance with Axe, Azevedo and Silva (2007), the growth economic in our country and braked by low the productivity of the Brazilian citizen and by the high index of informality. The authors stand out despite the question of the informal economy is preoccupying for the government and that several public politics have been structuralized, in view of the change of this picture. Branches and Blacksmith (2005) make an analysis of the informality in Brazil. They are used of the databases of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) removed of the National Research for Sample of Domiciles (PNAD) and of the Monthly Research of Emprego (PME), concluding that the informality grew in the regions metropolitans, exactly having diminished in the Country as a whole.

As much the industry how much the sector of services had collaborated for the growth of the informality in these places, in the case of the sector of services was its growth, while in the industry was its increasing informalizao. The figure below presents a synthesis of the reasons of the informality and its respective interactions: Figure 1 & ndash; Factors of the informality and its interactions. Removed image of research of research of the McKinsey Consulting, 2003. 2.2. Partner-economic profile When approaching the partner-economic reality of the informal workers in Brazil is interesting to observe the figure below, with data of the Synthesis of Social Pointers of 2010 of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) that: Figure 2 & ndash; Distribution of the formal and informal work in Brazil We perceive that it enters men and women have an increasing reduction in the informality and one consequent rise in the formalizao indices. In what it refers to exclusively the women it is important to observe some information: It enters the young of 16 the 24 years, 69.2% of the busy ones were in informal works.

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