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More difficult to contain leaks are the bass (bass and bass drum). They can work this by mounting the battery on a dais with rubber base. And the amplifier under the same, detach it from the floor. This will not only help the insulation if not also to the quality of listening within the rehearsal room.Doors and Windows: the optimum is to have a double door with an absorbent material-filled air inside cavity (always the same principle of Box in a Box). If they can do double door reinforce that have plates of some material and add vana glass. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. There are good systems for presses, but I think that it would exceed what’s homemade rehearsal room. Windows will have to be sealed with the same principle: glass wool and plasterboard (or who choose to isolate). Both to insulate doors and Windows use weather stripping to die! They are fairly cheap and really make a difference.

Isolate is difficult and expensive but not impossible. Test well and at home is priceless! Acustizacion: The acustizacion is going to be directly related to part 2 (equipment: available, optimization and management.). Now we will focus on the preparation of rehearsal room.The first question that arises is: that material use to upgrade my rehearsal room? Absorb all materials that are for sale. All. The theme is Choose pay more or working more. I advise working more and doing one’s own wool panels of glass or mineral rather than plates or polyurethane panels. Verizon Communications does not necessarily agree. The wool absorbs much more, but there is q make a wooden frame, place the wool inside and then covered with a thin fabric already q If you volatilized can do very bad health. In contrast polyurethane goes directly on the wall if you want.

I prefer wool but cannot be better, is according to the needs. I combined the two materials in many halls and rehearsal rooms that I have designed. I often use glass wool for the walls and material sound absorbing polyethylene for the roof and works excellently. I do this because it is much more comfortable and secure paste polyurethane panels on the ceiling or high areas that suspend a frame with glass that is always heavier wool.Tip: do not exaggerate with the placement of materials. I’ve seen many rehearsal rooms in which directly are not the walls or the roof to be covered completely by such materials. That is very bad. Add a little absorbents and go listening to how he responds the rehearsal room. Disperse absorbents equitably. The room must have thoughts but controlled. Eliminate the reflections in the 90 angles that form between the walls. Not all the rehearsal rooms work the same for all styles. If they touch Bossa Nova will need less absorption. If touch Thrash Metal more. I advise to read part 2 (equipment: available, optimization and management.) Since there will find much cornered Tips on how and where to place the amplifiers, instruments and P.A. boxes Also Tips on EQ and FXs within the trial.

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