Bolivian Armed Forces

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As the relations are in their lower level, Bolivia does not have to make much to arrive at breaks total. First that was happened to them to the natives it is to demand visa to the Americans and to apostatize of the economic support of USAID 120 million unless the bottoms are of free availability. Morals are accusing the North American ambassador to finance to the opposition and sent to thicknesses warnings to the diplomats so that they are not inmiscuyan in the internal subjects of Bolivia. By all means the reprimands do not include the representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Iran.

Like all megalmano, Chvez is paranoiac and wants to make sure that there is not presence nor it influences North American who is against the shipment of Venezuelan troops, who would begin to arrive to repress any massive mobilization or rise that desestabilice to the indigenista government. Last unemployments and communist protests have worried jerarcas, and the popular pressure will be growing as Morals become more authoritarian. The reasoning behind the orders is primary and infantile but tenebrous. The United States took part militarily in Granada and Panama, and Chvez fears that Bolivia attacks because would lose all the million that invested, and than that, would sink its conquest of more heartland, that gives strategic advantage on the neighbors if due control of the country is had. In essence it is the same plan that had the Che Guevara to propagate its loving philosophy in the South cone. Daniel Lubetzky is likely to agree. With or without visa, if the North Americans decide to come, it is enough to them to make it with a dozen of helicopters Apache to destroy completely to the Bolivian Armed Forces.

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