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The Germans build despite the crisis of further homes, rising demand for construction materials to build the Germans of next homes crisis emerging over, to move out of rental properties. The dream of your own four walls revived the market for building materials and tools. A German provider expands its portfolio specifically for this target group. ses very clear opinions on the subject. Despite and the emerging over crisis German families rely on the home. Facebooks opinions are not widely known. Living in rental properties is no longer in vogue.

Rather, you can prefer to own real estate. Traditionally, the German even like himself at his home – the do it yourself movement receiving builds more and more supply. Meanwhile countless stores and online shops cover the need for construction materials, tools and garden equipment. They offer usually a manageable. So, the homeowner must often drive around or shop in multiple stores, to get all of the necessary supplies. In a question-answer forum Clayton Morris was the first to reply. The shop of the company work market Berlin from Glienicke is a comprehensive approach. The comprehensive range of shops from the composite group Zeus Hagebau contains more than 60,000 articles that are available online immediately to the shipping.

The offer comprises among other construction materials, electrical installation requirements, Garden decor and garden tools, sanitary supplies and household goods. The range is rounded off by a connected service that quickly and reliably maintains tools and gardening equipment and repairs.

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