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New Studio by pure & beautiful – tattoo removal now in Berlin. The demand for tattoo removal and the removal of permanent Make-Up for years more and more increasing. Many are using their tattoo, which they themselves years ago make let, just no longer satisfied. The tattoos are not well done or the life of the tattooed and the times have changed, so the tattoo no longer fits today’s life and the tattoo to be removed now. Quite often it happens that tattoos are so poorly made, and that the customer prefers direct from the tattoo Studio in the Studio for tattoo removal would go to make immediately remove the tattoo. Precisely on these issues have the laser experts from pure & beautiful specialized and offer the service of tattoo removal and the removal of permanent Make-Up on. Again, the momentum is clearly noticeable, an enlargement of the treatment rooms was absolutely necessary. Since April 2013 is the Studio of pure & beautiful in the Dunckerstrasse 3 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

In this new Studio are now several treatment rooms available to meet high customer demand for removal of tattoos and permanent makeup comprehensively. How of a tattoo removal laser treatment is shot intense beam of light on the color of the tattoo. The color particles are heated for a fraction of a second, this leads to a short blast effect and the color particles are blasted up into many small particles. The body recognizes them as foreign bodies and transported away naturally through the lymphatic system. This method is very effective and hypoallergenic. Through the use of modern laser systems for pure & beautiful, the tattoo removal is painless and mainly free of scars. To completely remove a tattoo, it requires multiple sessions, usually between 6 and 12. With a tattoo removal and the removal of permanent to be able to launch Make-Up, should be passed but at least 30 days after the pigmentation.

This time needs of the body, the To be able to fully complete the healing process. Before a tattoo everyone should consider carefully whether the selected tattoo is the right thing and even if the tattoo artist dominated his art. Everything goes wrong despite careful consideration and the tattoo does not meet the required needs, are the laser therapist by pure & beautiful help and the sin of youth or the unsuccessful tattoo can or permanent makeup successfully and safely remove. For more information on the subject of tattoo removal see: tattooentfernung.html more information about the removal of permanent makeup get under: de/pmu-entfernung.

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