Beautiful Easter Decoration For Indoor – And Outdoor

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Easter decoration: Dekotipps for Easter here some tips for Easter decoration in house and Garden: in addition to the classics Birkengrun, Forsythia and corkscrew Hazel there in the floristry trade more exotic offerings, like almond blossoms or Magnolia branches. As an alternative to coloured eggs at the Strauss also filigree wood pendant with Easter motifs are available. Very classy jewelry eggs from stone and semi-precious stones in natural colors resemble marble or orange calcite, Onyx. These can be arranged in nests of willow twigs, hay, or MOSS and is also a combination with Fruhbluhern. Creative crafters can conjure up slightly from eggs, Acrylic paint and different springs (including low-cost auction providers available) window decorations or mobiles.

The blown-out eggs demand color and decorate with help from hot – or other adhesive with springs. Thin nylon or twine through a small piece of the match in the egg anchor and branches, interesting-looking roots, or pieces of driftwood fix. Half egg shells can be transformed into small Easter candles with some wax and a wick or can also be planted. Setting up suitable for rings made of different materials, then used on the eggs. Look for the festive dinner table marbled eggs not only beautiful, but they taste very well. Depending on the taste there are different recipes with black tea, soy sauce, red wine and spices for the Sud, be inserted into the gently battered and cooked eggs for several hours.

Quail eggs are ideally suited for a more natural look and will receive a beautiful shine to wipe it after cooking with edible oil. In addition to fresh watercress or chives, an interesting nest for the small eggs can be grown easily from other seeds. This includes, for example, wheat seedlings on earth or cotton looked to warm and sunny and already after 2-3 days, the green sprout. There are no limits to the creativity and exotic plants with which they Spring arrangements designed, can delight the eye even after Easter.

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